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At OSI we believe in serving the companies and paving the right path for them. Our extensive expertise in consultation, devising requisite solutions, management of business processes, development, and designing of different platforms in synchronization of their requirements derive the best from them and streamline their energy towards unconquered destinations.

Our team in-depth knowledge and extensive experience have helped our clients to come up with the best of the works. We have worked in various industries throughout the globe and are ready to serve with the best of our excellence and efforts.


The strategy allows us to penetrate deep in our client's focus areas for strategizing their work in the best possible manner and leading forward by taking the best possible steps forward.

At OSI we develop technical strategies for the client before implementation. Analyzing the position and best possibilities in one shot makes us close what they wants to achieve, and the requisite steps that be executed to make sure of the same.

Our IT and consulting solutions help us to innovate and make impactful imprints on the client's wall of success and make sure that he achieves everything at the right time of growth.


To grow while making impactful insights and imprints on the sands of time, our mission statement makes us strive hard for perfection

" Allow us to support your venture with our technical expertise and strategize the steps to help you to attain your desired goals with ever changing IT industry tools effectively and efficiently."


OSI with their past experiences have been such a place which allows the workplace to be constructive for the new ideas streaming inside for the best possible growth solutions for the clients as well as the employees.

Our key advantage is customization on various fronts as it helps the clients to bring innovative and different products on the table for their customers. We allow our project managers to be in touch with our esteemed clients to address their issues now and then.

Once enrolled on our platform we consult every client with the best services and offers them the one-stop solution for their services.

Management Team

Our management team is comprised of professionals having extensive experience in the key domains. We have been nurturing them to secure a better place in the world by serving the clients with the best possible tailor made solutions.

Our management can help you in taking a right decision towards your future which was once not possible due to lack of resources. Listen to one of the best team of experts in their niche and do employ the expert having the core experience and knowledge for building right solutio for you.


Associating with others helps in building self and others while knowing that it will help in rising will help both the ventures to help each other and support in backdrop years.

Associate with us as per our guidelines and allows us to be a part of your success stories.

Our Services

Mobile Apps Development

OSI can help you in taking advantage of various rapidly growing segments concerning mobile application.

Cloud Computing

At OSI we strive hard to cloud-based enabled services on board to help them in easily reaching.

Database Management

For sustaining in any business, restoration of the operating system, installation.

Outsourcing Services

Nowadays all documents are created virtually and therefore are allowed to be distributed.

Specialized Services

Connie Price Protection

Automatically update your pricing from backend and enjoy your streamlined payment schedule.

Customer Credits

Buy today and pay later. We allow you to live life as you desire without worrying.


Let technology penetrate in your life and fill the gaps in order to make it perfect and take care.

Shift Management

Manage your workforce with automatic management of shifts and task and streamlines .

C-Store Solutions

Convenience store application you can manage your store efficiently and with error-free reports.

Offline- First Mobile Apps

Network can fluctuate at times but the access of offline application will allow you to be get in touch.

Our blog

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